I've served on boards, organized and spoken at events as well as founded/co-founded and/or executed many different projects in my almost 20 years as an entrepreneur and consultant. 



Ignis Glass Studio - Co-founder + Business Manager

Chattanooga Paddleboard Yoga - Founder + Owner

Zuddhi Yoga (AKA Chattanooga Community Yoga) - Founder + Teacher

Namaste Y'all blog - Co-owner + Writer

YogaStage platform - Co-founder

Chattanooga Ayurveda - Founder + Practitioner

Chattanooga Yoga School - Founder + Faculty

Shakti Shala - Studio Director

Aspen Yoga Society - Marketing Director + Ambassador

Aspen Yoga School - Founder + Faculty

Lead With Love formerly known as Aspen City of Wellbeing - Executive Director + Speaker

I've often run two businesses at a time, sometimes more although I try to avoid diluting my focus. My unique gift is taking a vision and grounding it into a tangible entity that can continue operating after I move on to my next launch.


High Q

White Wolf

Aspen Junior Golf

True Change

Re-Elect Sarah Sprinkel

DJ Bhakti Styler

Betty Hoops

Way of the White Wolf

Sports Barn 

Aspen Community School

Almeda Labs - Marketing + Outreach

Shakti Society - Co-founder

Conscious Adventurist - Marketing + Outreach

Aspen Gala 2019 to benefit Bridging Bionics Foundation

My consulting work typically includes overall strategy, marketing, graphic design, branding and website development.


Pecha Kucha Chattanooga

Southeast Yoga Conference

Rasa Lila Yoga Festival

Roaring Fork Broadband Initiative

AE Wellness Entrepreneurs Panel

CMC Social Work Graduate Program

Aspen Rotary Club

Yoga On The Mountain Festival Aspen/Snowmass 2017/2018/2019


Aspen Women To Women Luncheon

Lead With Love Leadership Summit

I've spoken on a variety of topics including entrepreneurialism, conscious leadership, community organizing, health + wellbeing, parenting, spiritual philosophy and many more.


Hanuman Yoga Festival

McKee Foods

Yoga Landing

Northshore Yoga

Clearspring Yoga

King Yoga

Yoga East

Sports Barn Yoga

Pitkin County - Public Works, Courthouse, Human Services

Aspen Valley Hospital

City of Aspen

Yoga On The Mountain Festival Aspen/Snowmass 2017/2018/2019

I'm a registered yoga teacher and have taught yoga and meditation for ten years. I am also an Ayurvedic practitioner and have hosted many workshops on that topic in addition to operating a clinical practice in both Tennessee and Colorado.