Genius level IQ - 156 to be exact

How do I know my IQ? As a child, I was an overachiever in academics and the school recommended that my mother schedule a professional test to determine which grade I should attend. I took a rigorous standardized test and received this score. This number has been both a blessing and a curse. My intellectual capacity and potential was often at odds with my lack of desire to perform within the constraints of the traditional American educational system. I began attending university at age 17 and was often frustrated by the required attendance, reading and testing. My interest was in the information, not the test outcomes or credit hours. As a result, I changed majors often and attended 3 universities over 8 years without ever attaining a degree. After I exhausted my patience (and wallet) with the higher education system, I became an eternal student of whatever caught my fancy. I've taught myself multiple design programs, hands-on skills, accounting methods, marketing platforms and techniques, grant-writing, business planning, management and other useful, tangible work skills. I've launched several companies as well as the non-profit where I currently serve as Executive Director. I've never interviewed for these jobs. The opportunities present themselves and I show up and get to work. My curiosity is a tremendous asset as it has led from one phenomenal project to the next, including this website.

Extreme Emotional Intelligence 

How is this determined? This measurement is up for debate among academic types. The importance of EI has been argued about since the 1980's and I don't intend to flame those fires. I've taken a DISC assessment, a Strengths Finder's test and numerous other personality/communication style evaluations and the results are always similar. I am approachable, a good listener and I ask thoughtful, purposeful questions. I exhibit empathy and compassion balanced by reason and logic. My tendency is to make people feel seen and heard while inspiring them with my authentic passion for the topic at hand. I am able to navigate complex social situations across varying classes from manual laborers to billionaires with ease. My wit is quick and edgy enough to elicit raucous laughter without causing offense. I receive respect from my colleagues and employees without engaging in hierarchal plays of power. The beauty of this seemingly delicate balance is that it is effortless. I was not raised in upper society but have landed there time and again while maintaining a legitimate connection to the socio-economic class into which I was born (solidly middle-class). My empathetic leaning led me to formally study yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. I've taught these modalities professionally and integrate the philosophic wisdom of these practices into my consulting work.

You seem confident; are you an egomaniac?

Fair question! No, I am not ego-centric at all. With the gifts I was innately bestowed at birth (I'm guessing this is just good genetic fortune?), I seek only to help other people through my insights. I have made a successful career based upon these inherent traits and found that most of my joy comes from being present with another person and lending my ideas to their opportunity or problem at hand. For the most part, my abilities led me to positions of executive leadership where I came up with essential, savvy and laser-sharp strategies for an individual or company's objective. The challenge was that I was then asked to implement the strategy. As a self-starter and a person inclined to teach myself any needed skill, I repeatedly took the bait and stepped in to execute the very ideas I had birthed on behalf of my client or company. This proved to be a huge distraction as the energy and time required to design the logo, develop the brand, build the website, write the content, conduct the interview, take the photography, hire the talent, manage the project, fundraise for the event, pitch to investors, etc. left little space for me to do that at which I am most adept...create NEW strategies for opportunities and/or problems. So, these days I hire myself out only to consult and not to implement. There are countless talented individuals in this world that can come together on a team to brilliantly implement the strategies that I develop with my clients. In truth, I can probably learn to do almost ANYTHING but my genius exhibits itself at the highest level when it comes to co-creating strategic plans with my clients.