Terms Of Engagement


I respect your innovations and privacy. It is my policy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with every client before our initial consultation in order to create an uninhibited atmosphere for sharing ideas with complete trust and confidence. Whether we are discussing your new product idea, an upcoming real estate transaction, your personal relationships or a difficult employee, I will adhere to a strict code of confidentiality.


My work allows me to engage with some of the most interesting people and projects on earth! I receive job offers regularly in a variety of fields. After years of careful consideration, I am not seeking to be employed long-term by any one person or entity. My genius flows through new challenges and I've found the best way to nurture my unique abilities is to work strictly on a consulting basis. It is very tempting to jump into one of the many partnerships or other opportunities that arise through these strategy sessions but my clients and I both benefit from understanding and respecting this boundary.


Payment is always due before a consulting session and is non-refundable. When consulting on an hourly basis, you should consider how much time you think you will need to fully flush out an idea during our session and plan accordingly. I've never been asked to refund a fee and I've yet to field a complaint on the quality of ideas, strategies and services provided. You are paying for unfettered access to my full attention, intellectual capacity and unguarded enthusiasm to solve your problem, realize your vision or seize on your opportunity.


As mentioned in the "Qualifications" section of the site, I could probably execute most of the strategies that we create but there are certainly other people in the world you can hire or otherwise engage to put our ideas into action. The highest and best use of our time and my mind is to analyze your problem or opportunity, the resources you have at your disposal, the objective you wish to achieve and to create a cohesive strategy to get you there. I'll leave the next steps to you, your staff or new experts that may need to be brought in based on our work together.